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Health Fitness is on the minds of many these days. There are thousands of health and fitness magazines with thousands of articles. The approach here in our fitness category is probably a little more unorthodoxed from what you have heard about health fitness. Out health and fitness website is 100% original and the methods implemented are very simple and easy to use. As brought out in previous articles these methods are tried and true.

How I Developed Knees of Steel – and YOU can have it too!

ContentsKnees Of Steel Can be Yours In a Few Minutes a DayDon’t Bend The Back Instead of Bending the KneesThe Old Folks Bend.Bend Those Knees to Make Them StrongOK, Fellow Citizens on Your March to Knees of Steel, Do this… Continue Reading →

Computerized body scan shows how Probiotics delays aging

Healthy Living  Means a Healthy Body and Mind

My wife had a body health scan at the Boardman, Ohio, Wellness Center (local “Y.” It used to be called the YMCA.)

It showed that she has the metabolism of a 60-year old person. That is strange because we have been married for 57-years. I know better than to give her age, but either I married her when she was quite young or … “Jerry best shut up de mout.” I too, want to keep on aging.

Be a Relaxed Player in Life-Tension is the Enemy of Energy

ContentsBe a Relaxed Player in LifeBe Nice to YourselfBe Nice to Others and They Will Be Nice to YouDon’t Let Others Walk All Over YouTension Begins with Frustration and Fear and AngerTension is the Enemy of Energy To Have Abundant… Continue Reading →

Secondhand Sugar is a Problem for Our Children

ContentsSecondhand Sugar is a Problem for Our ChildrenThe Struggle to Maintain a Healthy Body Begins Before You are BornSecondhand Sugar is Like Secondhand SmokeChildren and Babies Can’t Decide for ThemselvesArtificial Sweeteners are New ProblemAs a final Insult Sugar is added… Continue Reading →

Eating for Health and Happiness

Eating for Health and Happiness Improving My Daily Food Intake… Continue Reading →

My skin is My Body’s Largest Organ

The medical industry has learned how to penetrate my skin with heart medicines, and nicotine and birth control patches.

Hippocrates said All Diseases Begin in the Gut

Hippocrates said All Diseases Begin in the Gut. Good nutrition means eating a nutrition-dense diet

Onions for Health and Happiness

Onions for Health and Happiness Onions should be included in your daily diet. Don’t skimp on onions in your daily diet. A few servings of onions each week are sufficient to lower your… Continue Reading →

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