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Organic & Natural Foods are making a comeback into healthy eating. Healthy organic foods will have lasting benefits. In our healthy food category we write a lot about how Organic & Natural Foods affect your health.

How to Teach Yourself to Like Sauerkraut

eat sauerkraut

Learning to Like Sauerkraut is Easy and Fun When i first tasted whiskey, it was terrible! It burned – Read More

Jumpstart your Day with a Powerful Chili Breakfast

Powerful Chili Breakfast

March Armies on a  Powerful Chili Breakfast A – Read More

Computerized body scan shows how Probiotics delays aging

me and my wife having a computerized body scan

Healthy Living  Means a Healthy Body and Mind

My wife had a body health scan at the Boardman, Ohio, Wellness Center (local “Y.” It used to be called the YMCA.)

It showed that she has the metabolism of a 60-year old person. That is strange because we have been married for 57-years. I know better than to give her age, but either I married her when she was quite young or … “Jerry best shut up de mout.” I too, want to keep on aging.

Healthy Rugged Breakfast for Rugged People

Rugged Breakfast

Healthy Rugged Breakfast for Rugged People Meet the Day With Power and Stamina The day is long – Read More

Beef Bone Broth for Healthy Joints

Trace elements for strong people

Scurvy, the old–sailors-disease, also known as Beriberi; Rickets-deformed bones, Goiters, Pellagra-referred to as “three D’s”-diarrhea, dermatitis, and dementia, and night vision problems, are all caused by nutrient deficiency.

Nutrient-dense Foods can Prevent Diseases

Healthy foods are cheap

Long ago, farmers taught me to watch what I feed the horses, cows, pigs and chickens–and watch what comes out the other end. The farmer’s wife told me that people are only animals–they too need good food. We put out mineralized salt-blocks to get trace elements into the cows and horses.Nutrient-dense Foods can Prevent Diseases Nutrient-dense Foods can Prevent Diseases

Secondhand Sugar is a Problem for Our Children

secondhand sugar

Secondhand Sugar is a Problem for Our Children The Struggle to Maintain a – Read More

Eating for Health and Happiness

jerry kyle staying active and fit

Eating for Health and Happiness Improving My Daily Food Intake Healthy living begins with healthy eating; this has worked well for me. Many years ago – Read More