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Trace elements for strong people

Beef Bone Broth for Healthy Joints

Beef Bone Broth for Healthy Joints

The Marine Corps Needs Strong Bones

When I was in the Marine Corps, the cooks always had a huge pot of bones simmering on the back burner. Some broth was scooped into whatever was cooking. This kept healthy troops that could do difficult tasks–and survive.

When my stock of beef bone broth needs replaced I go to the local butcher shop and buy a 40-pound box of meat-laden cut up bones. They keep it for the dogs. I give a few (not too many) to my wife—not for her to chew on, but to make her own bone broth. She doesn’t like mine—she wouldn’t come near mine. I like it that way—but don’t tell her. Leaves more for me.

Making the Bone Broth for Healthy Bodies

Beef Bone Broth For Healthy Joints

Freeze into ice cubes for easy use

Anyway, I fill the turkey roaster with bones and put in some celery, red peppers, salt, lots of onions, green sage (lots of it), pepper corns and a few other things … and old vegetable cuttings that I have saved in my freezer. I add 2-3 gallons of water and stand back to watch the stuff simmer on low heat.

It has cooked 55 hours and will cook until morning. I will drain it through a strainer and make ice cubes for my everyday needs. Three or four cubes make my breakfast into a delicious feast. I also like to just heat a few cubes to sip with some crackers.

Beef Bone Broth for Healthy Joints Provides Trace elements for a healthy mind and body

Bone broth is a good way to restock the body with trace elements that help prevent nutrient deficiency diseases. Our bodies store trace elements in our bones, and withdraws them as needed–even at the detriment of our bones.

Nutrient Deficiency Diseases

Scurvy, the old–sailors-disease, also known as Beriberi; Rickets-deformed bones, Goiters, Pellagra-referred to as “three D’s”-diarrhea, dermatitis, and dementia, and night vision problems, are all caused by nutrient deficiency.

This is a heritage recipe passed down from My wife’s mother–bless her ornery old carcass, “she done well.”

I always have some adult supervision—my wife looking over my shoulder. She raised a healthy family and a healthy old goat. Fifty 60-years of cooking and her Mother’s teachings are not to be overlooked


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Gerald L. Kyle



Collect some vegetables

Of various sorts

Don’t be concerned about

Being too fussy

The bacteria will eat and grow

On most vegetables


I will use carrots, celery, onions

Garlic, kale, tomatoes, broccoli

And various peppers—hot and not

A piece of ginger root

About the size of my thumb

And a tablespoon of salt


Cut them into little pieces

Use a vegetable chopper

If you like, but do not pulverize

The innocent victim


Now mix everything together and

Squeeze un-gently in your hands

Do so until the water runs out

Then squeeze some more


Stuff the whole mess

Into a quart jar

And tamp down gently

Until everything is covered with water


Tamp down each day

Try to keep everything

Below the water at all times

To avoid mold growing thereon


After a week or two—as you like

At room temperature

It is ready to eat

A spoonful a day is great

Not too much my dear


Will make your poop

A beautiful dark brown

As it should be

And this will make you


Veal-l-l-y happy

Posit!: To your health

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Mark Telford’s Truck Driver’s Healthy Breakfast

To keep those big wheels turning

You need a decent breakfast

Not too many carbohydrates

They make you sleepy

As they keep you calm


Better that you eat nutritional greens

Like cabbages, kale, spinach and broccoli

And peppers, onions, garlic and celery


For carbs, you can add

A whole array of root vegetables

Beets, sweet potatoes and carrots

Beans, peas and squash


Go easy on these starchy things

They will make your belly grow


Breads, pastries and refined foods

Need to stay out of your diet

As they build a layer of fat

Right where you sat

And under your hat

And around your neck

An your middle too


Greens are nice things

And they stay with you

When other foods are through

But they don’t spike your blood sugar


If you must eat the dairy products


You ain’t no baby cow

And you are done growing now


Your truck is working hard and burning calories

And moving that load down the road

You are sitting behind the wheel


You must have nerves of steel

And a mind of your own

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