Our Body’s Water Needs

Our Body’s Needs

Gerald L. Kyle



Our bodies operate on water

Plain unadulterated water

An hundred trillion cells

Must have water

Two hundred trillion probiotics too

Or they will die


Cows, horses and dogs

Drink from mud puddles

When need be

Our ancestors did too

If you can’t get perfect water

Any potable water will do


Sipping may be wise

Throughout the day

The stomach can better handle

Impurities in small amounts


Not huge amounts at one setting

That may overload the processes

A cup full sounds good

One size does not fit all


Ideally between meals

A good half hour before eating

And sip grudgingly during a meal

Careful not to dilute natural processes


Put enough water in the system

To prepare to process the food

Not have it float around in the stomach

And cause unpleasant concerns


I can think of no benefit

To include much water with a meal

Some think it better

To fool the brain into thinking

That the stomach is full

When it is bloated with water


Surely the brain is not that stupid

And you will be hungry as soon

As the water is dumped out

Be gentle with yourself


Experts may come and go

And declare otherwise

But plain old water

Is a good drink


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