Asparagus for Health Happiness and a Body of Steel

Asparagus for Health Happiness and a Body of Steel

Asparagus Will Help Keep you Trim and Healthy

Eat asparagus for health and happeniss

This is a nutritious medicine that has been eaten for centeries.

Treat your mind and body to the many nutrients of asparagus. Asparagus is a delicious medicine that has a delightful taste, texture and aroma. With today’s marketing wonders we have asparagus year-around.

A  few of the Many Benefits of Asparagus

  • Asparagus is loaded with vitamins A,C,E,K and B6.
  • For a body of steel, you need the trace elements of asparagus: like Iron, copper, calcium, you want in your diet.
  • Asparagus has been known for centuries as a medicinal plant.
  • Asparagus is known as one of the most nutritionally balanced foods.
  • Asparagus contains Folate that is necessary for cell production.
  • Asparagus promotes a healthy heart, liver and nerve health.
  • Asparagus promotes healthy eyes, with it’s vitamin A known as ritinal.

Preparation and Cooking of Asparagus:

Freeze the ends for future use.

The stem ends are not to be thrown away. They need saved for other dishes.

  • Trim off the tough ends and save for making vegetable broth.
  • Trim the next inch, if it is tough, and save for cooking other dishes.
  • Wash everything is a solution of vinegar and water (5-1). This will remove the chemicals that are necessary to get produce from far lands to your door.
  • I like to use a heavy pan with a tight lid for steaming.

    Wash with vinegar and water

    Remove the pesticides and other chemicals necessary for shipping and shelf life

  • Be careful as asparagus needs very little cooking.
  • Place it into the pan with a half cup, or less, of water.
  • Add some good olive oil and, if you like, some salt.

Now Comes The Delicate Part of Cooking Asparagus:

  • Place the pan and asparagus on the burner on high.
  • As soon as the steam begins, turn it to medium.
  • You want lots of heat for a short time.
  • Be cautious here–it only takes a couple minutes. Err on the safe side.
  • Asparagus does not need cooking. We are only steaming it a little bit to bring out the flavor and enhance the texture.
  • Remove and cool the asparagus before it can become soft.

    Steam lightly

    Gentle steaming these for health and taste

This Makes a Delicious Finger Food or Snack

Happy and Healthy Eating To You

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