Berries For Health

Essential Berries Family

Eat the berries for health

Raspberries and strawberries are delicious

And they harbor powerful nutrients

Tiny things called trace elements

Vitamins and minerals and more


We are unique in our needs

For trace elements

Horses, dogs, deer and eagles

Don’t have color vision

May not need things like carotene


Our brain is a powerful computer

Certain trace elements are needed

Some are difficult to acquire

And are only needed in small amounts


We don’t need to eat them every day

Our bodies will pool these for later use

As we silently combine or manufacture

An amazing array in minute amounts

To maintain our bodies


It’s not necessary to eat huge portions

Only a small amount occasionally

Not every day

A half dozen or ten will do


The brain takes precedence over all else

When the need is not properly met

Some will be scavenged

From our bones, muscles or elsewhere


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