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Without Proper Use of the Tongue We Are Like the Dumb Brutes

Without Proper Use of the Tongue We Are Like the Dumb Brutes Your Tongue Needs Exercised The tongue is a muscle that needs exercised We don’t do yodeling, and with our vast of entertainment, we don’t need to talk much. When I do talk, I say the wrong words–sometimes at the risk of getting a – Read More

Strength Training for Health and Happiness

One of my goals is to coax people into looking after their health and happiness; with this on my mind, I went ahead and made a short video. I have read that older people CAN build muscles—even at 81-years of age.

Improve Your Sense of Balance

Stand on one leg.

With today’s lifestyles, we don’t get enough physical movement to keep our equilibrium, or sense of balance, in good repair. We set for long periods, and we don’t jump, run and swing from trees often enough to keep the central nervous system in good order.

Eat Garlic for Health and Energy.

Eat Garlic for Health and Energy Garlic can be the best friend you have in this world. Garlic is the food that adds flavor and only does good things to your body, health, and mind. If you are healthy or sick, if you are a marathon runner, football player or weekend athlete; or just locked – Read More

Mighty Greens, Greens for Energy

Don’t carry a messy salad that requires lot of chewing; take a small bowl of mighty greens. Raw green vegetables are a powerful food.

Healthy Neck Posture Muscles Connected To Skull Natural Position

Introduction: Dowager’s hump is caused by bad neck posture. Healthy neck posture can prevent Dowager’s hump. Muscles connected to your skull can be trained for posture. Overview: Dowager’s hump can be corrected What – Read More

Building a Strong and Healthy Neck

Relaxing is easy

I decided that if my neck was going to do the job that needed done I must make it strong and healthy. I embarked on a “Strengthen and Train the Neck Program.” My neck and I have never regretted the effort that we put into the project.