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Parasitic tension taxis your strength and reduces your abilities

Relieve Tension

Parasitic tension taxis your strength and reduces your abilities Fear – Read More

How I Developed Knees of Steel – and YOU can have it too!

knees of steel

ContentsKnees Of Steel Can be Yours In a Few Minutes a DayDon’t Bend The Back Instead of Bending the KneesThe Old Folks Bend.Bend Those Knees to Make Them StrongOK, Fellow Citizens on Your March to Knees of Steel, Do this drillThis Marvelous Little Drill is Almost Like a Miracle to Your Body Lubricate Your Joints – Read More

Good Posture is a Relaxed Position

Ergonomics—also known as comfort design—in today’s workplace is seriously lacking. (1)

Ankles and knees of Steel

We need to pay attention to nutrition and the rest of our lifestyle too, but first we will explore ankle strengthening. Ankles and knees of Steel

Muscular imbalance syndrome

No one muscle is isolated. An imbalance of muscle strength, or tension, “tonus” will cause other muscles, tendons and ligaments to tighten and tear. In extreme cases this can cause bones to break. Mental and physical problems ride in the same carriage.

Dry eye Problems and Exercises

What we refer to as “Dry EYES” and think of as our tear glands not working properly is really disuse “atrophy.”
This is a problem begins with our modern workload.

Ligaments of Steel for a Strong Body

If you want a strong body you must have strong ligaments. Ligaments are the powerful elastic bands – Read More

Abs of Steel

If you want to see abs-of-steel— just look at an ultra-runner or sprinter—or a bicyclist