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Hippocrates said All Diseases Begin in the Gut

Nutritious Eggs

Hippocrates said All Diseases Begin in the Gut. Good nutrition means eating a nutrition-dense diet

Juniper Berries for Health and Happiness

A nice flavoring agent

My beef broth always had an unpleasant taste and aroma, until I learned to add a handful of juniper berries.

Healthy Tuna Salad Breakfast

Tuna Salad for Health

This breakfast provides a host of nutrients for a hungry brain and body.

Eat a Widely Varied Diet


Eat a Widely Varied Diet Our ancestors ate what they could find, where and when they found it. Apparently, they ate a healthy diet that caused the brain and body – Read More

Eat Limburger Cheese for Health

limburger cheese

Limburger cheese contains the same friendly bacteria that grows between our toes­––that is the smell that people, some people, object too.

Cranberries are a Healthy Medicine

Eight of Ten several times each week.

Cranberries are a Healthy Medicine Cranberries are a Powerhouse of medicine and food value  The Indians called cranberries “Bitter Fruit.”–they deserve a better reputation. Cranberries are low in calories. Cranberries will impart an interesting flavor to many dishes. Cranberries improve immune function and may prevent certain types of cancer–including breast cancer. Cranberries fight urinary infections. – Read More

Jo’s “Rock-stompen” Coleslaw

coleslaw for health

Jo’s “Rock-stompen” Coleslaw Coleslaw can be a powerful dish. Coleslaw is a natural health food–one of the best available. Coleslaw needn’t be a slurry of sweetened cabbage. This can be an interesting dish that is a meal unto itself–a hearty dish that is extremely versatile. Coleslaw can be – Read More

Raisins are a Wonderfully Healthy Snack


Raisins are a Wonderfully Healthy Snack Don’t discount those wonderful raisins as a valuable snack food. Raisins are a powerful food for powerful people with powerful minds. Those tiny raisins are – Read More