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Are you looking for a little inspiration to your healthy lifestyle? Try reading some poems of health. Thinking healthy is one of the first steps to creating a healthy lifestyle!

Feet and Shoes.

ContentsFeet and Shoes. Upon you I stand.I run, walk or die.Feet and Shoes. Upon you I stand. I run, walk or die. Athlete’s foot. Ingrown toenails. Blisters. Fungus among us. Shoes that punish. The innocent. Forgive me. I neglect. Until you. Rebel. Follow and like: Related posts: Ankles of Steel Easy Exercises Ankles and knees – Read More


I love my dog My cat too, me-thinks. Dust mites & fleas They make me sneeze The likes of dust and mold I’ve known of old Pollen and hay Industrial things & Cabbages and kings But other things too I encounter each day Enough to drive An allergist mad And make him – Read More

Old Age Came to See Mee

Old Age Is Here

Old Age Came to Me A stranger came knocking, knocking. A stranger came knocking. When unanswered—he hammered— Ever louder— And would not be denied.   Amid the silence that that ensued, His message came loud and clear. No room for uncertainty. Ready or not—I am here.   – Read More

Add Years to Your Life.

Proceed in health

Ask neither God nor man,
Ask yourself,
Take charge of your life,
Walk softly,
Walk proud.

Healthy Outlook on Life

Keep a healthy outlook on life. Watch the road ahead

Healthy Outlook on Life Goat Perch I have eaten from the garden of life I Ran into the wind and roamed the wild I have labored in the sun And laughed at the devil   Now as a healthy old goat perched on high I look around and ask myself How can I help others – Read More

Self Respect

Self Respect  I learned to accept myself today   With all my blemishes And failings And skeletons on the shelf   Accept yourself and be bold Long ago I was told One cannot love another less Until he loves himself more   Love cannot be found By looking out It must come from within On – Read More

The Saga of Harry Becker

The Saga of Harry Becker   This is a true story The names and places Have not been altered To protect the innocent   When I was a young lad I had a friend named Harry Becker A big loud, crude, profane barbarian An ungentle tyrant on the lose And he cursed God and man – Read More

My Pituitary Gland

    My pituitary gland sits behind my eyes And utters not a word But looks out upon my world And watches the seasons come and go   It navigates my journey From birth to death And talks with my brain Of things it needs to know   And tells night from day Sets my – Read More