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Healthy blood comes from healthy food choices.

Liver and Onions are a Power Food for Active People

Liver and Onions are a healthy dish

Liver is a power-house of nutrition. Beef liver is low in Sodium and is a good source of Iron, Zinc

Eat a Widely Varied Diet


Eat a Widely Varied Diet Our ancestors ate what they could find, where and when they found it. Apparently, they ate a healthy diet that caused the brain and body – Read More

Jo’s Old-Fashioned Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce

Jo’s Old-Fashioned Cranberry Sauce Put these wonderful cranberries into your daily or weekly diet. Among the benefits of eating raw cranberries: A powerful sauce that will compliment a good meal This is also a tasty digestive aid. The orange juice will help to – Read More

Cranberries are a Healthy Medicine

Eight of Ten several times each week.

Cranberries are a Healthy Medicine Cranberries are a Powerhouse of medicine and food value¬† The Indians called cranberries “Bitter Fruit.”–they deserve a better reputation. Cranberries are low in calories. Cranberries will impart an interesting flavor to many dishes. Cranberries improve immune function and may prevent certain types of cancer–including breast cancer. Cranberries fight urinary infections. – Read More

Jo’s “Rock-stompen” Coleslaw

coleslaw for health

Jo’s “Rock-stompen” Coleslaw Coleslaw can be a powerful dish. Coleslaw is a natural health food–one of the best available. Coleslaw needn’t be a slurry of sweetened cabbage. This can be an interesting dish that is a meal unto itself–a hearty dish that is extremely versatile. Coleslaw can be – Read More

Watermelon is a Wonderful Health Food


Watermelon is a Wonderful Health Food We need more watermelon in our diet. For the hot days of summer watermelon will hydrate our bodies and provide many nutrients, including those precious trace elements that are so elusive in our daily diets. If you are – Read More

Green Beans are a Powerhouse of Food.

green beans

Green beans are grown in the rich soil of the North East, South East and Midwestern United States. This soil is important to obtaining the proper nutrients.
Green beans are an important food that helps build strong bones.

Onions for Health and Happiness

Onions for Health and Happiness Onions should be included in your daily diet. Don’t skimp on onions in your daily diet. A few servings of onions each week are sufficient to lower your risk of certain kinds of some kinds of laryngeal, ovarian cancer. Onions can increase our – Read More