Bacon, eggs, and probiotics

A Delightful Breakfast of Bacon and Eggs

A Delightful Breakfast of Bacon and Eggs

Hearty Breakfast Bacon, eggs and Probiotics

I ate most of the pound of bacon for breakfast—my wife’s cat would like to have had some but it didn’t ‘git non’—he, he.haw.

This bacon came from Doyle’s meat market in East Palestine, Ohio. This home-style bacon is basic and is not processed as much as the main brands. It doesn’t  have all the refinements.

I find that bacon and eggs can be a delightful breakfast if they are combined properly.

Bacon, eggs and probiotics , will feed the body

A hearty breakfast that will carry through the day

They digest well and the grease doesn’t cause me problems.

First, I must remember to drink no liquids within ½ hour before eating—none. Now I must not consume liquids until at least one hour after eating. This avoids diluting my stomach acids and letting the greases float up to the sphincter valve on the top of my “gizzard” where it will cause heartburn and unhappiness.

The stomach coats itself with a heavy mucus that protects itself from the harsh acids that are necessary to digest the meat. Liquids and antacids interfere with this––then the acids can burn holes in the stomach lining and will damage the sphincter valve on the upper end.

Probiotics for Digestive Health

Plenty of Probiotics needed for are good digestion. Here is my home made, raw sauerkraut and fermented vegetables.

No bread. Bread does not work well with meat; therefore “No bread with bacon and eggs.”

A hearty breakfast needs fermented food for good digestion

Sauerkraut and fermented vegetables for digestive health

Our government and their nutritionists are wrong with their preaching that fat makes us fat. Fat does not make us fat—carbohydrates make us fat—cereal grains in bread do that. My daddy was right.

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