Digestion In The Healthy Large Intestine

Digestion in the healthy large intestine is important to your health and well being. Please read on for more information about what a healthy large intestine does.

I am Your Healthy Large Intestine

digestion in the large intestine

digestion in the large intestine

I may be referred to as the Poop Gut—I don’t mind—but I do perform many important    functions.

I am also considered to be a second brain

I am the holding tank­ for partially digested food that is sent from the stomach via the small intestine. I begin at your right side at the end of the 20-feet of small intestine that appears to be curled into an entangled jumble. This is also where the misunderstood appendix resides. It stores an emergency supply or probiotics that can be sent to me when a terrible upset happens—like a severe case of diarrhea that cleans me out. I ascend up to near your rib cage. Then I transcend across just your body—just under your ever-churning stomach—and then I descend—down to your anus (butt-hole). I am about as long as your arm.


You need to keep physically active to have a healthy large intestine

Originally, I was positioned so the movement of the animal on all four legs would help keep the contents moving. Over the eons of time you have elected to stand on your back legs and sit on your haunches. With this change you neglect to keep my content moving. Of all the animal life on earth, you are the only batch to alter the status quo.

The large intestine is the final digestion facility of your body

The partially digested food is passed to me from the small intestine for further processing by trillions of bacteria. It now undergoes fermentation. Important nutrients and vitamins are fabricated here—more about that later. Much of the water is removed and returned for reuse.

The contents should stay with me long enough to ferment and produce certain vitamins like vitamin K and almost all the B vitamins—especially B12, and other nutrients which are absorbed into the body(1). This may take hours or even days. You don’t need to even think about me that often. But if you leave it for too long a time you will experience constipation—makes you and me unhappy. It is best to move some of it each day.

To keep your health, keep a healthy large intestine.

Exercise is a harsh word for a lot of people. Any physical movement of the body is good for you— and me. Walking is one way to move things along. Some little movements like lifting your leg higher as you climb the stairs. Try squatting lower as you get into or out of your car. Any movement will help.

Here are some nice exercises for a healthy large intestine

Do any or all of these. Do about twenty or thirty. Work up to an hundred or more if you have the patience. I am sure that you can always find the time or the place to do something for my health. Get vigorous with them when you are ready.


  • Raise one shoulder and then lower it.
  • Raise one hip and lower it.
  • Pick up one foot and then lower it.
  • Pick up one heel and let it down.
  • Pick up one forefoot and let it down.
  • Spread your knees and bring them back in.
  • Pull in your abdomen in and let it go.
  • Pull in your butt and let it go.

Final Thoughts on Digestion In The Healthy Large Intestine

The core of your body is very much like a sack of wet wheat that is setting on your pelvic girdle. It is held together by muscles pulling in many directions. No muscle or bone moves without causing surges in the core—this is good.

These mild exercises can be done in church, in the car, in bed or—just about any place or any time.

And, OH YES, Please, drink some water—just plain old tap water will make me happy. Your ancestors just found a handy mud puddle. Two ounces, one large gulp, each half our will do fine. Four ounces each hour—that is about one-half of a cute little tea cup—will make both of us purr along just fine.

May I say, Happy camping to you … and me.

(1)The PH Miracle: P.40. Robert Young, Ph.D.

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