Disuse Atrophy

Disuse Atrophy

I leaned a new term today—disuse atrophy.

Hello there fellow traveler! I have good news and bad news.


This is an important phrase in our constant quest for health and happiness. We are attracted to complacency because all animal life struggles for happiness and well a sense of fulfillment. We have positioned ourselves to where we are happily ensconced in our homes and jobs. We won the battle for comfort—now we need to win the war on staying healthy and being vibrant.

Now we need to embrace some new thinking about our bodies—and willingly take responsibility for physically stressing ourselves.  This can and should be fun—and extremely rewarding. Nothing in this world can bring more happiness than a healthy body.

We have problems staying healthy if we don’t stay physically active. Our bodies need to be kept strong, even if we are not doing physical work for a living.

Now we need to work at doing what simply must be done—we need to keep ourselves from the terrible problems of atrophy.

Please bring happiness to others.



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