Fuel for a Long Day

Fuel the Healthy Old Goat For a Long Day

Fuel the Healthy Old Goat For a Long Day

Healthy Breakfast for a Body of Steel

Fuel for a Long Day

A man eats what he finds. Some of our basic foods are the best.

Cold day here, and I expect to burn some energy. A breakfast of Home homemade beef stew, fermented vegetables and good cheese will do the job.

Strong Bones and Strong bodies Need Powerful food

Powerful breakfast

Strong food for a Body of Steel

A  mamby-pamby breakfast of waffles and syrup will not fuel the body for a hard day’s work.

I have taken most of the carbohydrates out of my diet. Am teaching my body to burn fat instead of starches.

I am going on the principle that I can get rid of the 5-pounds of fat in my midsection. The Youngstown “Y” body scan said I have too much fat around my “Innards.”

I thought most of my fat was in my head. I also adhere to the concept that sugars, milk, and processed foods (especially starches) build fat just under the skin–especially cellulous fat.

Well, here is one fat-headed, fat-ars -ed old guy who is trying something new. I am 6-months into this project and am feeling quite chipper.

I can find good fat in avocados, walnuts, squash, sausage, beef, pork (even, groundhogs and bears.)


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