Healthy Eating is Fun—and Cheap.

Remnants of yesteryear will help us to create a healthy menu.

Roast beef, steamed yellow-wax beans, baked Hubbard squash and baked green peppers. I sprinkled these with chia seeds, sage and poppy seeds because that is what I had handy. You can add anything like celery seeds, dill, garlic powder, salt, pepper, onion powder or whatever is available.


We need to get a wide variety of nutrients into our diet.

There are trace elements galore in this world and no one will ever be able to understand how to combine or what to try to combine. Our best bet is to add as many of the “wild cards” as we find available. Healthy eating is fun—and cheap


There is a world of pleasure in the spice section of our local supermarket. We don’t need to overpower out food with spices. If you want to teach children to enjoy this way of eating, get them involved. They have keen sensations and most children are curious. You can give them bragging rights among their friends. Also, they may get away from the concept that everything needs to be sweetened. Remember also that they don’t grow the last four taste buds until the age of about 14-years. They can’t taste the same items that adults do.

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