Maintaining Good Posture

Good posture requires no effort.



Good posture is when your body and mind are at rest. Think of yourself as standing at the military attention stance.


No effort is required from your big muscles. Your body is balanced on your two feet and your body mass is in a neutral position—at or near equilibrium.


Think of a pendulum at rest in the neutral position. No effort is required to maintain it. As some outside force attempts to unbalance this pendulum it moves back to neutral. Your body reacts the same way.


There really is a biological gyroscope within your head that protects you from falling over. At any instant your whole body is gyrating in a tiny circle at about three seconds per revolution. This is the tiny cycle that your subconscious brain allows before it corrects for balance.


Neutral balance is good posture.


Your myofascial muscles—the small slender strands of muscle within your big ones—are controlling your posture. They continually respond and keep the body from moving out of neutral in any direction. This is takes place because the gyroscope is doing its job of not letting your body move too far out of balance in any one direction.


Mother earth is spinning at about 1,000 mph and is traveling around the sun at about 70,000 mph and is constantly wobbling, we each need a little help in keeping our balance—the myofascial muscles do that.

Any time we throw ourselves out of balance—for instance, by lifting and arm of moving a leg—the tiny little muscles within the big ones will rebalance the body and redistribute center of gravity to keep our balance.

WOW! It does this without even asking permission from our conscious brain—or lack of brain.

Gravity-neutral must be maintained.


If we are running, sleeping, or throwing a football, or working at the computer, this combination of inner ear, eye sensing and gyroscope repositioning is taking place. It is constantly re-evaluating and redirecting our body position at any time we differ from the gravity neutral position.

When we raise our hands to waist level to use the keyboard the gyroscope re-establishes our center of gravity by moving our shoulders back a little and thereby redistributes our weight that is resting on the pelvic girdle. The pelvic girdle also repositions our knees, feet and ankles.

You can’t even turn your head or open your mouth without your inner gyroscope needing to do a core adjustment of some sort. If this doesn’t happen you will begin to fall in some direction and your brain will alert your major muscle groups to take over and do the major correction. Alert! Alert! Survival is at stake!

Relax and enjoy the trip.


At all times this body of “gooey wet noodles” is held in form and abeyance by a passel of peripheral muscles. You are permitted to relax. These tiny strands of slippery myofascial muscles are intertwined deep inside every large muscle. They are constantly looking after the housekeeping of maintaining our posture.

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