Mark Telford’s Truck Driver’s Healthy Breakfast

To keep those big wheels turning

You need a decent breakfast

Not too many carbohydrates

They make you sleepy

As they keep you calm


Better that you eat nutritional greens

Like cabbages, kale, spinach and broccoli

And peppers, onions, garlic and celery


For carbs, you can add

A whole array of root vegetables

Beets, sweet potatoes and carrots

Beans, peas and squash


Go easy on these starchy things

They will make your belly grow


Breads, pastries and refined foods

Need to stay out of your diet

As they build a layer of fat

Right where you sat

And under your hat

And around your neck

An your middle too


Greens are nice things

And they stay with you

When other foods are through

But they don’t spike your blood sugar


If you must eat the dairy products


You ain’t no baby cow

And you are done growing now


Your truck is working hard and burning calories

And moving that load down the road

You are sitting behind the wheel


You must have nerves of steel

And a mind of your own

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