Merry Mary

Merry Mary

Gerald L. Kyle





Amid A misty Monday morning in the merry month of May

Merry Mary and the moody maverick Mild Mannered Merle

Manufactured millions, mostly mixes, of marvelous mint meringue muffins

That merely melts in most mealy mouths

In many maroon Magenta mansion kitchens.


Mischievous Mild Mannered Merle

Mistakenly mistook horse-radish mustard for mint

And masterminded up a mess of miserable

Mint-less mint meringue mint muffins


Many mushroomed melodramatically, mostly moronically

Amid mankind’s midsection, for the mean moody mob of

Mavens mustered at the marvelous mint muffin munching

Morosely at the mega million lottery menageries


Kooky clashing cops came and copped the cookies

Not the Kookies

The kooky cookie clowns, clan of caffeine craving

Cookies-rumps at the klatch, careened crazily


Coaxing the kooky cookie cops carrying crying Kookie causalities

Coolly on couches calmly claiming

To be doughnut thieves masterly masquerading



The miserable mischievous miscreant Mild Mannered Merve

Merrily mashed the moaning Merry Mary

Meanough ugsptlic uingh






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