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Momma Jo’s Old Fashion cough syrup

Momma Jo’s Old Fashion cough syrup

Rugged People Need Rugged Cough Syrup

Momma Jo’s cough syrup works wonders when I do something stupid—like working outside in this nice April day–with no shirt. I came in tonight and now have an unhappy throat. Fortunately, there was some of that stuff in my refrigerator (Yes, I have my own—in the back room.)

Commercial Cough Medicine Is Too Mild for Rugged People

Commercial Cough Medicine is designed for little children and timid people. Make your own, and make it to your specifications, we need something with more zing. Add extra ginger–if you like.

Use Natures Magic Ingredients

My body knows how to work with these natural foods–they come from the fields and trees. This formula doesn’t use concocted chemicals, and has no side-effects. The bees do the hard work and the nature provides the ingredients.

Ingredients: One lemon, a couple ounces of ginger root and two tablespoons full (Bad English, but Spell Check doesn’t want a plural) of ginger powder (optional.) You don’t need two spoons. Roll the lemon until soft, then cut the ginger root and lemon into thin slices and put the whole mess into a pint jar.

Preparation time is One Week

I Keep my friendly concoction under the sink for a week to infuse the ginger and lemon into the honey–unless I need some “right now.” When I need this concoction before it is ready, I must remember to chew some of the ginger and the lemon slices.

 Keep it in the Refrigerator for Months

This will keep for months in the refrigerator. A spoonful or two will always stop my coughs and I like the taste. Sometimes I find myself eyeing up the icebox as I walk by–even if I have no irritated throat.

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