My skin is My Body’s Largest Organ

It’s the body’s largest organ

The Tender, Loving Care of My Skin

It has a million little mouths, pores, that spit out waste products and inhale, oxygen. If I don’t clean my skin, the millions of little mouths get plugged.

Sweating opens the pores and cleans the skin

Sweating cleans the skin

The Function of this organ

My skin has a protective barrier that tries to keep out bad things and let good things through. It also helps control my inner temperature. It has began work when I was born and it will work until the end of my time.

The Medical World Has Learned to Penetrate My Skin

Today’s medical industry has learned how to penetrate my skin with heart medicines, and nicotine and birth control patches. I only mention this to drive home the point that it can be done–with ease.

The Chemical Industry Also Penetrates My Skin

Some chemicals that I encounter can penetrate my skin: perfumes, bathroom cleaners, ┬ávarious face and hand maintenance products, –the list is endless.

It Needs Some Tender Loving Care

The skin is strong and resilient and only asks to be treated with respect. I don’t need to be too gentle with my skin, it is tough and will repair most damages. With a little rest, it will repair itself. A little coconut oil and some gentle, and firm massaging, keeps my skin healthy and it opens those millions of happy little pores.

It Will Help Detox My Body

A hot bath, shower, heavy sweating; my body will cleanse itself and throw out a lot of waste products. It will automatically do its job and everyone is happy. Keep up the good work.

If my skin is kept too clean, I can damage the protective barrier.

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