Healthy foods are cheap

Nutrient-dense Foods can Prevent Diseases

Nutrient-dense Foods can Prevent Diseases

The Medical World and Nutrition

Raisins and nuts are nutrient dense

Healthy snacks are nutrient -dense

The modern medical world is just coming to the understanding that the world of tiny things–trace elements, and the process of nutrient-blending, is important to our mental and physical health. The good news is–we don’t even need to think about this tiny world. We only need to eat a wide variety of nutrient dense foods–they are in the local supermarkets and farms.

The Canadian Brain Health and Food Guide

An interesting piece in the Youngstown Vindicator (4/11/17, P. C.1)  Think Before You Eat. Certain nutrients found in our food can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other Chronic illnesses.

WOW! They should have asked my Daddy! He told me about getting minerals from the soil, and making sure to let the chickens get into the grass. He also told me why the Federal government mandated that table salt be Iodized–to prevent Thyroid Disease.

Do I Feed My Animals Better than Myself?

Keep on working

Healthy eating will help keep you healthy

Long ago, farmers taught me to watch what I feed the horses, cows, pigs and chickens–and watch what comes out the other end. The farmer’s wife told me that people are only animals–they too need good food. We put out mineralized salt-blocks to get trace elements into the cows and horses.

Processed Foods and Lack of Basic Nutrients

The Corporate Food Chemists do a magnificent job of getting delicious, appealing, good smelling food to our tables. But much is lost and much is added–this is bad news.

Synthetic Nutrients are not Recognized by My Body

Milk and bread are processed and then Iron, B. vitamins, folic acid and other nutrients are added back. My older brother Charles, taught me, back in 1948, that the vitamins were made from COAL TAR, and our bodies can’t use them. I only know that my brother Charles wouldn’t lie–he was bigger and meaner.

Eat a Wide Variety of Plants, dairy, fish and Animals

This is only the beginning! I will be publishing many more papers explaining how I have stayed healthy and still work hard at 81-years of age. What works for me might not be right for others. I only want to plant the seeds of thought.

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