Basic Sausage is a Health Food

Hearty Eating for Health

Rate My ArticleBasic Sausage is a Health Food Home Made Sausage for Healthy Eating My daddy Told me if I want good sausage–make my own. I don’t need flavorings and seasonings. “Jerry, just add some salt, pepper and a little sage.) Sage will help prevent Diabetes. Sage can calm intestinal spasms and treat gas problems. – Read More

An Old Time Breakfast

Rate My ArticleAn Old Time Breakfast of Bacon Eggs, Sauerkraut and Cheese For health and vitality, eat a strong breakfast. No waffles, pancakes or manufactured foods here. To be a hero in this life you must eat like one. No “sweetened fruit juices” or pretend food allowed here. A Delightful Breakfast of Bacon and Eggs – Read More

A Delightful Breakfast of Bacon and Eggs

Bacon, eggs, and probiotics

Our government and their nutritionists are wrong with their preaching that fat makes us fat. Fat does not make us fat—carbohydrates make us fat—cereal grains in bread do that. My daddy was right.

Our Personal Worlds are Filled With Angst

Once we have seen the “News”, we can’t erase it from our brains–we can’t un-ring the bell. We can’t keep it from ringing–and we are the ones “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

Drink Warm Water for Happy Dreams

Water for Health

Our bodies operate on salt and water. You have an estimated one hundred trillion cells that make up your body.

The Skin of My Face Shows My Health

Keep healthy skin into old age

Dehydration is a recipe for facial skin problems.  Tension and skin problems. Never stress out.

Liver and Onions are a Power Food for Active People

Liver and Onions are a healthy dish

Liver is a power-house of nutrition. Beef liver is low in Sodium and is a good source of Iron, Zinc

Without Proper Use of the Tongue We Are Like the Dumb Brutes

Rate My ArticleWithout Proper Use of the Tongue We Are Like the Dumb Brutes Your Tongue Needs Exercised The tongue is a muscle that needs exercised We don’t do yodeling, and with our vast of entertainment, we don’t need to talk much. When I do talk, I say the wrong words–sometimes at the risk of – Read More