Cooking with Greens

Rate My ArticleCooking of the greens A wide variety of green things will lend their bodies and souls to aid and abet your quest for healthy eating. These nutrient dense foods are loaded with phytochemicals (plant nutrients) that are reputed to be cancer fighters. Greens are packed with energy and will not let you down – Read More

Big Bopper Two

Rate My ArticleWriting project for writers group “Focus on Fiction” The thesis statement is, it wasn’t so bad running out of fuel … until Big Bopper Two Sept. 28, 2010 My great aunt, Molly Jackson, lived alone at the edge of the big Louisiana swamp, fifty miles southwest of Jacksonville. She was a stern old – Read More

Womens Issues

Rate My ArticleIrrefutable Truths about Domestic Violence: This thesis contains controversial thoughts. Domestic violence can be greatly reduced if either party acts rationally. The woman being the one at the greatest risk and having the most to lose—even her life—by necessity needs to avoid the problem. Should the woman be subservient to the man: no – Read More

Food For Health

Rate My Article6/29/10 This is the home page for Food. Food should be our friend—not our enemy. Two thousand years ago Socrates and Plato said “Let your food be your medicine.” Over the past sixty years, our food industry and our nutrition information people have thrown common sense out the window. They have persuaded us – Read More

Food Allergies

Rate My ArticleFood allergies and food sensitivities are two different problems. Allergies can cause more severe symptoms and are more often life-threatening. Here are some of the foods that a lot of people are sensitive to that can cause skin problems. These can show up as skin irritations, rough scaly patches, cracks in sensitive places, – Read More

Calorie Counting

Rate My ArticleMy mirror Accuses me My mind Ever young My body Ages I will be As I should be Strong In all things One Two Three I cannot Count these Calories Too many Ragged edges What do I do? OH FOOEY Moderation In all things! Our grandparents and our parents presented us with a – Read More

Corporate Chemist

Rate My ArticleWriters group, June, 09 Somewhere under the rainbow In our own kitchen we find A place where dining is a pleasure, A haven to rest our body and mind Our commercially processed food Chemical concoctions complete Prepared in corporate factories It’s good for the corporate elite Colored, flavored, sweetened and salted. To sell – Read More

Welcome To Healthy Old Goat

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