Look for unprocessed food

Powerful and High Energy Salad for Today’s World

Powerful and High Energy Salad for Today’s World

Come Into My World for Health and Energy

  • Nothing exotic or expensive in this salad.

    Unprocessed food for health

    Eat basic foods for health and vitality

  • In my quest for health and energy I have built a super salad that will carry me through a tough day–and let me sleep well.
  • This salad will provide many essential nutrients the body needs for maintenance and energy.
  • In today’s world we need to always keep on mind that much of our food has been altered to tasty and flavorful. This salad has the natural ingredients we need.

Build Your Salad From This Humble Start

You can add your favorite foods and remove ones you don’t want.


Use what you have available.

Raw and unprocessed food.

Health and vitality are our goal. Eat for health and vitality

1/2 a medium sized apple–buy a cheap one.

10 raw cranberries.

10 sun dried olives.

1/2 green, or red bell pepper.

A handful of mixed frozen fruit–available from any supermarket.

Small handful of raw sauerkraut.

1/4 of an avocado.

Small amount of chopped celery.

Small amount of chopped onion.

Hard boiled eggs–or fried eggs as you might like.

Half a can of tuna fish. I like the ones in olive oil. Be careful because the labeling can be misleading.

An ounce of extra virgin olive oil.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Add some balsamic vinegar to taste–if you like.

This Salad Makes a Nice Lunch.

This will travel pretty well depending what is added. Some ingredients like eggs, tuna and avocado can be a problem if kept too long. When I worked on the highway in 110-degree weather this traveled well with me. That was before insulated lunch boxes were invented–like 55-years ago.

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