Retraining the taste buds for weight control and health

An easy and effective way to change your diet is to change your preferences of food. The very first taste of food at meal-time is important—before you taste a sweetened drink or a crumpet of delicious food. While your taste buds are untainted by your favorite drink you can take a bite of the food that you want to acquire a taste for. You don’t even need to eat the cursed stuff. If it is that repulsive, just remove it from your mouth. After a short time your taste buds will become re-educated and you will find that          it tastes pretty darned good. This helps explain why some people like food that is strange to others. When they were hungry that is what they had to eat—and eat it they did. The first time that I tasted whiskey I didn’t like it. After a while it tasted pretty good—was a hard habit to break.

This is pretty much guaranteed to work. However, you need to be scrupulous in avoiding contaminating the taste buds. The French wine tasting is a good example. The food that you are working on will re-adjust your tastes. Oldgoat

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