Sausage and Greens Breakfast

Sausage and Greens Breakfast

A Sausage and greens breakfast will enhance your day.

Whether I am working at my computer or out in the “back-40” I need a good breakfast.  Sausage and greens make a hearty breakfast that will carry me through the morning.

This is a high energy breakfast that is appropriate for office workers, taxi drivers and school teachers, as well as construction workers and retired people.

  • Raw sauerkraut
  • Fermented vegetables (kimchi)
  • Green beans
  • Cup of raw green vegetables—ran through the blender
  • Cup of steamed collard greens
  • A big helping of fried hot sausage, onions and red bell peppers
  • A sprinkling of chia seeds for flavor
  1. This breakfast can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated in a pan. If the things are placed carefully then removed carefully everything will stay separated.

    Hearty greens

    Hearty breakfast

  2. The sauerkraut, fermented vegetables and green slurry can also be prepared ahead and refrigerated.
  3. This rugged breakfast for rugged people will withstand being mistreated. A few hours without refrigeration will not scare it. This meal can be eaten cold as well as reheated. A few hours in the summer sun will add to the flavor. A Sausage and greens breakfast will enhance your day.
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