Super Salad

Super Salad


This powerhouse of a “Salad” can be loaded with nutrient dense basic foods of your liking—foods that will provide energy for many hours without roller-coaster-like highs and lows.

Your “Super Salad” includes phytonutrient-dense greens, berries, seeds, carbohydrates and other powerful foods.

You can eat as much as you like without concern for calories or portion size.

They have all the natural ingredients that the ancient philosophers talked about when they said “Let your food be your medicine.”

Add your favorite natural foods and keep out those that might bother you.

You might include cheese, eggs, anchovies and commercial dressings—but I discourage these.

Pickled and fermented foods may drive your body chemistry into acidity, and are shunned by many health conscious people.

Use your imagination and add things like sesame seeds, caraway seeds and whatever flavorful natural nice little friends that you like.

I make a huge salad that keep for about six days in the refrigerator.

If you add eggs, dairy products, avocados, bananas and other ingredients that don’t keep well, it’s better to add these shortly before eating. This is especially important if refrigeration isn’t available.

As far as possible, keep the dairy products, cereal grains and starches to a minimum. Fruit is mostly seen by the body as sugar and you need to be cautious about quantity of it.

I recommend The Paleo Diet for Athletes by Loren Cordain, PhD for a good understanding of my basic food thinking.

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