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knees of steel

How I Developed Knees of Steel – and YOU can have it too!

Knees Of Steel Can be Yours In a Few Minutes a Day

To make your knees strong you must use them. As we go about our daily lives and our everyday movements–we can build strong knees. Just use the knees as they were intended to be used. I learned to start small and build my knees into Knees Of Steel.

Don’t Bend The Back Instead of Bending the Knees

The Old Folks Bend.

Older people act like they are afraid to bend their knees. They bend at their waist instead of bending their knees. As time marches on their knees act like they forget how to bend. This is a habit that causes the body to pay a terrible price.

Bend Those Knees to Make Them Strong

Lack of Movement Causes Ligaments, Bones and Tendons Muscles to atrophy. Start with gentle, easy and slow movements. Don’t over bend–and don’t try to be a hero. We can have Knees of Steel with some daily routines that take almost no time or effort. Be gentle with yourself and: Within a few months, you too can have Knees of Steel.

OK, Fellow Citizens on Your March to Knees of Steel, Do this drill

Begin by relaxing your whole body. Now, sink down a few inches. Let yourself move up and down four to six inches. Do this a few times–maybe five or six times. If this feels good, give yourself a big applause–you have done the first drill. As time marches on you can go deeper.

This Marvelous Little Drill is Almost Like a Miracle to Your Body

This Drill Strengthens Your Feet, Ankles, Knees Hips, Lower Back and Abdominals. It works to build strong bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Lubricate Your Joints With Movement

Every joint has a little sack of lubricant known as a “Bursa” it is there to lubricate that joint. When you move the joint it does its job–no movement–no lubricating–thus you get a stiff joint.

The gyroscope in your head is awakened–it will help prevent bone-breaking falls.

Bend Your Knees Instead of Your Back When Reaching Down

When reaching for something under the sink, on the couch, on the floor–or just for fun–do this little drill. Be gentle and take your time. The various ligaments and such will get stronger and become more flexible as the weeks go by.

March to Your Own Drum, Be Your Own Drummer–March Into Your Future With Knees of Steel.

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Gerald L. Kyle




To enjoy life and pursue happiness

You must have energy, plain raw energy

The more you expend, the more you generate

Each thing in this world begets its kind


The main enemy is over-indulgence

This includes food, drink and work

The result can be lethargy and complacency

And physical tiredness and exhaustion


Working the muscles makes them stronger

Working the mind to become smarter

Fine tuning the violin for excellence in music

Or linguistic exercises for a good voice


All this effort needs energy from your core

A healthy lifestyle is the place to begin

By eating the right foods and good water to drink

Watch out for bad habits, don’t let them in


We build strength and stamina

By hard living and undergoing rugged challenge


If you would destroy a body, let it lounge around

Work a strong horse to make it stronger

Work a powerful mind and body to the max

They all love to be put to extreme task


The scientist say, a body in motion tends to stay in motion

A body at rest wants to stay at rest

Get off your backside and make the start

Keep yourself healthy by moving around


The pay-back will be

A healthy body

And a strong mind

Each thing begets its own kind

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