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Hearty Eating for Health

Basic Sausage is a Health Food

Basic Sausage is a Health Food

Home Made Sausage for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating for any meal

Sausage Stew, hard cheese , raw red sauerkraut and Fermented garlic.

My daddy Told me if I want good sausage–make my own. I don’t need flavorings and seasonings. “Jerry, just add some salt, pepper and a little sage.)

Sage will help prevent Diabetes. Sage can calm intestinal spasms and treat gas problems. Sage has antimicrobial benefits, and is also a brain food.

Pork is a health food

Although red meat has had a lot of bad press over the last 50-years, pork has many health benefits. It is loaded with nutrients that we need–and haven’t been getting in our diets. Pork contains Iron, Magnesium, Omega 3s, and Protein; this meat is a body builder’s delight. I sleep well when I eat unprocessed pork for supper.

Cooking Pork for Healthy Eating

I bought three pounds of good, basic pork sausage and fried it for snacks. Big problem: I added too much of my beloved SEA SALT, and too much plain old SAGE. I decided to save the week’s food supply; I added three flavorful yellow onions, a pound of green peppers from my freezer, and quart of tomato sauce (tomato, basil and garlic) from Sam’s.

Making Meals for the Troops

I placed the whole mess into my favorite stainless steel, three-ply-bottom cooking pot and simmered for an hour. This diluted the salt and the sage. Made a wonderfully flavorful pot of “Stew.”

Packaging and Freezing for Future Meals

I partial out the “King’s Feast”, into freezer bags, three meals per bag. Now I can keep this in the freezer for at least a month or two. When I thaw this food, I can dine for a week on each package.

Side Meal of Hard Cheese, Raw sauerkraut, Fermented. garlic, makes this an even more healthy meal.

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How to Teach Yourself to Like Sauerkraut

Learning to Like Sauerkraut is Easy and Fun

When i first tasted whiskey, it was terrible! It burned mouth and turned my face red. But after a few tries learned to like it. In fact I loved it: I had problems unlearning. Sauerkraut is delicious and has no after effects like hard liquor. The first food that touches the taste buds at mealtime is what you will learn to like. Taste this before a sweetened drink, coffee, or whatever else is tempting you.


The delicious sauerkraut.

Teach Your Taste Buds to Like the Sauerkraut

Place a small amount to sauerkraut into your mouth–sounds simple, and it is. This can be a few drops or a spoonful/forkful. If you find it repulsive–spit it out. This can be done discretely, so as not to offend anyone. Later, you can do it again. In a few days, or weeks, you may look forward to the taste. Soon it will be an enjoyable experience. This  can be done before a meal, after a meal, between meals–chose your own time for this experience.

When to Eat Sauerkraut

This delicious food–medicine–can be eaten at almost any moment of the day. If you decide you ate the wrong food, of too much of a good food–that is a nice time to give yourself some extra help. A really good, and quick intestinal boost is to drink some of the juice–saves brushing your teeth an extra time. He, he, he.

When Do I Really Need to Eat Extra Sauerkraut?

If you have bloated midsection, diarrhea, vomiting, gasses, heartburn of you just want to do something nice for yourself, is a good time to enjoy some fermented food.

Are there other Fermented Foods Besides Sauerkraut?

Kimchi, live-culture Yogurt, Fermented Vegetables, and many ferment things are worldwide health aids.

Where Do I find These Foods?

Shop carefully and read the labels. Most of the stuff you buy has been killed to enhance the shelf life. Look to your local Health Food store, of make your own. You  may be surprised to find how simple it is. You probably already have the necessities in your kitchen.

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Germs vs Probiotics

Remove the Food Preservatives that Kill the Probiotics in Your Gut

Food Preservatives Kill the Probiotics that Digest our Food

Germs vs Probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria that are necessary for good digestion.

Remove the Food Preservatives that Kill the Probiotics in Your Gut

  • Did you know that food preservatives are needed to help get fresh produce from around the world to our table? However, these can cause us digestive problems–like diarrhea.
  • It can also cause diarrhea and other food sensitivities in some people.
  • Sulfur dioxide is one antibacterial agent that is added to our produce to retard spoilage by killing the flora and “fungus-es.” (little humor there)
  • Food preservatives kill the probiotics,” the good bacteria”, and the bad bacteria, in our intestines. They also harm our immune system and make us more likely to get sick.
  • When we eat, what we think is a healthy salad, it might not be so healthy to our intestines.

Washing our produce can remove most of the food preservatives

  • We can remove most of the food preservatives from fresh produce by washing with plain water; others can be, neutralized, with a solution of 1/5 vinegar and water.
  • Probiotics—are the friendly little guys who digest my food. We have about 16 trillion of these in the average gut.

Protect  your body by adding some probiotics to each meal

We need to add probiotics to each meal to replace those killed by the preservatives in our food. Probiotics can be found in most cheeses, raw sauerkraut, kimchi, live culture yogurt and raw vegetables which are killed by cooking.

Sauerkraut is Easy to Make–Right in Your Kitchen

Remember folks, a little bit of attention to our food will pay big dividends to you health and happiness as we march on into our future.

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me and my wife having a computerized body scan

Computerized body scan shows how Probiotics delays aging

My Wife on her Computerized Body Scan…

Germs vs Probiotics

Probiotics in our digestive tracks can be helpful to boost metabolism and fight off bad bacteria.

Healthy Living  Means a Healthy Body and Mind

My wife had a body health scan at the Boardman, Ohio, Wellness Center (local “Y.” It used to be called the YMCA.)

It showed that she has the metabolism of a 60-year old person. That is strange because we have been married for 57-years. I know better than to give her age, but either I married her when she was quite young or … “Jerry best shut up de mout.” I too, want to keep on aging.

Eat Natural Food and Avoid Medications

The goal here is to point out that a life of prudent living and hard work is its’ own reward. Other than the time when the doctors medicated her, she has been extremely healthy. I would say “Healthy as a horse” but, again I want keep on aging.

Probiotics Digest our Food

I can’t get my wife to eat her Limburger Cheese, nor her *green slime (No trade mark here; it is my own concoction.) But she does eat the raw home-made sauerkraut and plenty of onions and garlic. These things are loaded with probiotics that digest the food, and they Detox the body–they even help remove heavy metals and pesticides.

The medical world is finally accepting the concept of enhancing the digestive track with these friendly bacteria. We have an estimated 16-trillion friendly bacteria in our guts. They digest our food and eat the bad guys. The Mayo Clinic has a nice article on this.

Natural foods have plenty of Probiotics

Raw fruits and vegetables originally have plenty of Probiotics and Prebiotics. Protecting them on the long trip to your table and the keeping them fresh demands that they be fumigated and, in many ways, their natural enemies must be kept at bay. We need to do all we can to remove the stuff that poisons their enemies–and kills our digestive probiotics.

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Eat Cranberries a Few Times Each Week for Health

I eat cranberries a few times each week for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

These beautiful berries are an amazing health resource that you can have at your fingertips all the time. You can eat cranberries in salads, in cooked side dishes or even to grab a few for a light snack. Want to dress up some baked chicken or turkey? Make a light cranberry sauce to use as a healthy glaze alternative.

The Lowly Cranberry is a Gold Mine of Healthy Nutrition

Add a few of these tart berries to any salad for an interesting and nutritious flavor. They have  a variety of health benefits which include:

Eat Cranberries three of four times a week at about 10 cranberries per serving.

Cranberries for Health

  • They are a strong medicine with no side effects.
  • They are high in many nutrients like vitamin C and trace elements that keep a body healthy.
  • Cranberries are credited with keeping the blood healthy and supporting urinary health.
  • Cranberries are available year-around and they are cheap–about ten-pennies-per-week.

Keep a Healthy and Sound Body and Mind–Well Into Old Age

  • Vim and vigor will be available to us if we eat a healthy diet and do some physical work–that may mean some good exercise.
  • My goal is to not need doctors, medicines or supplements.
  • Good food is not expensive and is available for everyone.
  • We don’t need a lot of nature’s food every day. Our bodies store the necessary elements and will disperse the good stuff as needed.

Eat Cranberries All Year Round!

  • Either in a “Cranberry Salad” or as dried cranberries–which I eat just like raisins.
  • Cranberries can be found in the freezer section of your location grocery store no matter where you live or what season of the year.

March to you own drummer

Sing your own song.

Sing it loud and sing it strong.

Make  your body healthy and strong.


Health and Happiness Await Us

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Trace elements for strong people

Beef Bone Broth for Healthy Joints

Beef Bone Broth for Healthy Joints

The Marine Corps Needs Strong Bones

When I was in the Marine Corps, the cooks always had a huge pot of bones simmering on the back burner. Some broth was scooped into whatever was cooking. This kept healthy troops that could do difficult tasks–and survive.

When my stock of beef bone broth needs replaced I go to the local butcher shop and buy a 40-pound box of meat-laden cut up bones. They keep it for the dogs. I give a few (not too many) to my wife—not for her to chew on, but to make her own bone broth. She doesn’t like mine—she wouldn’t come near mine. I like it that way—but don’t tell her. Leaves more for me.

Making the Bone Broth for Healthy Bodies

Beef Bone Broth For Healthy Joints

Freeze into ice cubes for easy use

Anyway, I fill the turkey roaster with bones and put in some celery, red peppers, salt, lots of onions, green sage (lots of it), pepper corns and a few other things … and old vegetable cuttings that I have saved in my freezer. I add 2-3 gallons of water and stand back to watch the stuff simmer on low heat.

It has cooked 55 hours and will cook until morning. I will drain it through a strainer and make ice cubes for my everyday needs. Three or four cubes make my breakfast into a delicious feast. I also like to just heat a few cubes to sip with some crackers.

Beef Bone Broth for Healthy Joints Provides Trace elements for a healthy mind and body

Bone broth is a good way to restock the body with trace elements that help prevent nutrient deficiency diseases. Our bodies store trace elements in our bones, and withdraws them as needed–even at the detriment of our bones.

Nutrient Deficiency Diseases

Scurvy, the old–sailors-disease, also known as Beriberi; Rickets-deformed bones, Goiters, Pellagra-referred to as “three D’s”-diarrhea, dermatitis, and dementia, and night vision problems, are all caused by nutrient deficiency.

This is a heritage recipe passed down from My wife’s mother–bless her ornery old carcass, “she done well.”

I always have some adult supervision—my wife looking over my shoulder. She raised a healthy family and a healthy old goat. Fifty 60-years of cooking and her Mother’s teachings are not to be overlooked


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Keep a healthy outlook on life. Watch the road ahead

Momma Jo’s Old Fashion cough syrup

Momma Jo’s Old Fashion cough syrup

Rugged People Need Rugged Cough Syrup

Momma Jo’s cough syrup works wonders when I do something stupid—like working outside in this nice April day–with no shirt. I came in tonight and now have an unhappy throat. Fortunately, there was some of that stuff in my refrigerator (Yes, I have my own—in the back room.)

Commercial Cough Medicine Is Too Mild for Rugged People

Commercial Cough Medicine is designed for little children and timid people. Make your own, and make it to your specifications, we need something with more zing. Add extra ginger–if you like.

Use Natures Magic Ingredients

My body knows how to work with these natural foods–they come from the fields and trees. This formula doesn’t use concocted chemicals, and has no side-effects. The bees do the hard work and the nature provides the ingredients.

Ingredients: One lemon, a couple ounces of ginger root and two tablespoons full (Bad English, but Spell Check doesn’t want a plural) of ginger powder (optional.) You don’t need two spoons. Roll the lemon until soft, then cut the ginger root and lemon into thin slices and put the whole mess into a pint jar.

Preparation time is One Week

I Keep my friendly concoction under the sink for a week to infuse the ginger and lemon into the honey–unless I need some “right now.” When I need this concoction before it is ready, I must remember to chew some of the ginger and the lemon slices.

 Keep it in the Refrigerator for Months

This will keep for months in the refrigerator. A spoonful or two will always stop my coughs and I like the taste. Sometimes I find myself eyeing up the icebox as I walk by–even if I have no irritated throat.

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Strength Training for Health and Happiness

Strength Training for Health and Happiness

Body Building for Senior Citizens 

Strength Training the Old Way

Strength Training for Old Folks

Last fall I decided to increase my overall body strength—for health and happiness. Four months ago I started cutting down trees­­–I never did like the darned things anyway. For the first few weeks I was tired and had some sore muscles, but now I have no problems. I was having fun, but my purpose was, “Strength Training for Health and Happiness.”

Physical Exercise did Bring Me Health and Happiness

As the days and weeks passed, I found myself singing, and really enjoying the task. I found myself looking in the mirror for muscle enlargement. I have read that older people CAN build muscles—even at 81-years of age. Well, I gained 5-pounds—but I expect it might be from too many extra calories and too many extra siestas. My waist gained half an inch.

Body Enhancement is not Just for Young People

One of my goals is to coax people into looking after their health and happiness; with this on my mind, I went ahead and made a short video. My new camera is still too smart for me, so I used the old one. I was having so much fun with the task that I burst into song. My singing might sound like wind in the trees—or the moan of a death song of the tree spirits.

Happiness is Having Plenty of Firewood for Next Winter

Now I have lots of firewood and my trees are growing faster than I am cutting them. I have firewood to sell—but I don’t need that much health and happiness. I had better go lie down until that thought leaves this old goat.

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