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eat sauerkraut

How to Teach Yourself to Like Sauerkraut

Learning to Like Sauerkraut is Easy and Fun

When i first tasted whiskey, it was terrible! It burned mouth and turned my face red. But after a few tries learned to like it. In fact I loved it: I had problems unlearning. Sauerkraut is delicious and has no after effects like hard liquor. The first food that touches the taste buds at mealtime is what you will learn to like. Taste this before a sweetened drink, coffee, or whatever else is tempting you.


The delicious sauerkraut.

Teach Your Taste Buds to Like the Sauerkraut

Place a small amount to sauerkraut into your mouth–sounds simple, and it is. This can be a few drops or a spoonful/forkful. If you find it repulsive–spit it out. This can be done discretely, so as not to offend anyone. Later, you can do it again. In a few days, or weeks, you may look forward to the taste. Soon it will be an enjoyable experience. This  can be done before a meal, after a meal, between meals–chose your own time for this experience.

When to Eat Sauerkraut

This delicious food–medicine–can be eaten at almost any moment of the day. If you decide you ate the wrong food, of too much of a good food–that is a nice time to give yourself some extra help. A really good, and quick intestinal boost is to drink some of the juice–saves brushing your teeth an extra time. He, he, he.

When Do I Really Need to Eat Extra Sauerkraut?

If you have bloated midsection, diarrhea, vomiting, gasses, heartburn of you just want to do something nice for yourself, is a good time to enjoy some fermented food.

Are there other Fermented Foods Besides Sauerkraut?

Kimchi, live-culture Yogurt, Fermented Vegetables, and many ferment things are worldwide health aids.

Where Do I find These Foods?

Shop carefully and read the labels. Most of the stuff you buy has been killed to enhance the shelf life. Look to your local Health Food store, of make your own. You  may be surprised to find how simple it is. You probably already have the necessities in your kitchen.

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me and my wife having a computerized body scan

Computerized body scan shows how Probiotics delays aging

My Wife on her Computerized Body Scan…

Germs vs Probiotics

Probiotics in our digestive tracks can be helpful to boost metabolism and fight off bad bacteria.

Healthy Living  Means a Healthy Body and Mind

My wife had a body health scan at the Boardman, Ohio, Wellness Center (local “Y.” It used to be called the YMCA.)

It showed that she has the metabolism of a 60-year old person. That is strange because we have been married for 57-years. I know better than to give her age, but either I married her when she was quite young or … “Jerry best shut up de mout.” I too, want to keep on aging.

Eat Natural Food and Avoid Medications

The goal here is to point out that a life of prudent living and hard work is its’ own reward. Other than the time when the doctors medicated her, she has been extremely healthy. I would say “Healthy as a horse” but, again I want keep on aging.

Probiotics Digest our Food

I can’t get my wife to eat her Limburger Cheese, nor her *green slime (No trade mark here; it is my own concoction.) But she does eat the raw home-made sauerkraut and plenty of onions and garlic. These things are loaded with probiotics that digest the food, and they Detox the body–they even help remove heavy metals and pesticides.

The medical world is finally accepting the concept of enhancing the digestive track with these friendly bacteria. We have an estimated 16-trillion friendly bacteria in our guts. They digest our food and eat the bad guys. The Mayo Clinic has a nice article on this.

Natural foods have plenty of Probiotics

Raw fruits and vegetables originally have plenty of Probiotics and Prebiotics. Protecting them on the long trip to your table and the keeping them fresh demands that they be fumigated and, in many ways, their natural enemies must be kept at bay. We need to do all we can to remove the stuff that poisons their enemies–and kills our digestive probiotics.

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Rugged Breakfast

Healthy Rugged Breakfast for Rugged People

Healthy Rugged Breakfast for Rugged People

Meet the Day With Power and Stamina

The day is long and destiny is coming like a freight train through the tunnel-of-my-life.

I must prepare my body and mind for a happy landing in this big arena. A few minutes of preparation and some pre-prepared foods from the freezer will stoke the engine of life. My metabolism needs almost 4,000 calories each day. I need to get these from basic foods. No expensive “prepared foods” for this old goat.

Basic Ingredients

Backwoods People Should Eat Like They are Serious


  • Roasted onions
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • Raw tomatoes
  • Steamed green beans
  • Steamed kale
  • A small handful of juniper berries
  • Three chicken broth ice cubes
  • Three vegetable broth ice cubes


Some Good Hard Cheese and Fermented Vegetables.

A generous helping of basic cheeses and some fermented vegetables that are loaded with probiotics and prebiotics will help guard my from many harmful. Prepared foods have preservatives that help get them to me–their long journey to my table demands that they be protected from spoiling and other hazards. Probiotics will help clean-up the hazardous ingredients, things like mercury, lead, pesticides, food preservatives and many other toxins.
They will work hard for me; very much like the “bugs” cleaned up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Healthy Bowel Movements are Important Too

Good bowel movements are the result of a healthy diet. I read one doctor’s report that said we need large, firm stool to clean the Colon and rectum. Colorectal cancer can be the result of a diet that is lacking in solid matter that cleans the lower bowel.

Heat in a sauce pan–eat this before it can escape.

Rugged Breakfast

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Nutritious Eggs

Hippocrates said All Diseases Begin in the Gut

Nutrition-dense diet can combat diseases

Raisins and nuts are nutrient dense

Raisins and nuts can be a part of your nutrition-dense diet

To Stay Healthy we Need Good Nutrition

A lot of our food has few nutrients; many have been stripped to enhance shelf life and to look pretty. Much of this is necessary because of distance and the time it takes to get the food from the processing factories to your table. This is a real concern especially for young people who are building minds and bodies.

Good nutrition means eating a nutrition-dense diet

Nutrient dense foods are basic foods like unprocessed meat, onions, cabbage, celery, collard greens, red beets, good cheeses, sauerkraut, and various other fruits.

We Need to Avoid the Chemicals in Our Food

Good nutrition means avoiding the vast array of chemicals that come trundling in on our modern foods. Almost all processed foods have been preserved, usually with government approved antibiotics. These antibiotics kill the probiotics in our guts that digest our food.

(This began in 1906 when the food industry got the camel’s nose under the tent.)

Hippocrates was right 2,000 years ago–and he is still right. Most of our health problems begin with our food. Now the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry add to the problem.

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Eat greens, especially, raw greens.

We are at risk of Iodine deficiency diseases

We are at risk of Iodine deficiency diseases

Eat greens, especially, raw greens.

Greens have iodine that we need in our diet

Iodized Table Salt Is  Important to Your Health

Iodine deficiency is our problem. For 50 years, we have been told we are eating too much salt, and now we are iodine deficient. Our laws don’t require food processors to  use iodized salt–other countries laws do.

Iodine from sea kelp is cheap in your local health food store, (about $6.00 for a year’s supply) and 4-5 drops each day is all we need.

We are not eating enough greens grown in fertile soil and we are not getting fish that is raised on natural foods.

Iodine Deficiency Causes Thyroid Disease

When I was a child, in the 1940s many older people had goiters, a tennis-ball sized growth on the side of their necks. The problem was caused by lack of iodine in their diet that caused thyroid disease.

Two hundred years ago, the French nutritional chemist, Jean Baptiste Boussingault, recommended the distribution of naturally iodized salt to prevent goiters; our country did so in the 1920s.

In the 1920s, the federal government mandated that all table salt be iodized.

Collard greens are economic for health

Steam collard greens for health

We now have an Epidemic of Iodine Deficiency in this Country

Symptoms of Thyroid Deficiency: Fibrocystic breast disease, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Down’s syndrome, mental retardation, cold hands, depression, dry skin, cold hands–the list is long.

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limburger cheese

Eat Limburger Cheese for Health

Eat Limburger Cheese for Health

limburger cheese

Limburger Cheese has probiotics for intestinal health.

Limburger cheese is loaded with probiotics that are necessary for digesting our food.

We can’t avoid processed food that is loaded with preservatives that kill the friendly bacteria in our intestines. Limburger cheese will add back the types of probiotics that we need, and it contains probiotics that feed the good bacteria.

  • Limburger cheese can be bought in jars or bricks; but the stuff in jars has been largely killed and therefore not so beneficial.
  • The Limburger cheese contains the same friendly bacteria that grows between our toes­. That is the smell that people, some people, object to. Our bodies host about 16 trillion bacteria on the outside, some friendly and some not-so-friendly.
  • This cheese has proteins that provide the groundwork for healthy muscles, blood, cartilage and skin. Limburger cheese provides the major nutrients that you need.
  • If you have a problem with Limburger cheese, Parmesan cheese is also loaded with nutrients.
  • Most cheeses are fermented and provide a wide variety of these important little guys that digest your food.
  • Avoid the stuff called “American Cheese Food Product.” It, by law, is not even allowed to be labeled as cheese. With the Holiday season coming up, try to stay away from the many commercial stuff that may be labeled as “cheese.”

If cheese “binds you up”, eat a smaller amount for a few months; your “innards” will adjust as your digestive system gets acquainted with the new probiotics–your immune system will thank you.

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cranberry sauce

Jo’s Old-Fashioned Cranberry Sauce

Jo’s Old-Fashioned Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce

A delicious cranberry sauce.

Put these wonderful cranberries into your daily or weekly diet.

Among the benefits of eating raw cranberries:

A powerful sauce that will compliment a good meal

  • This is also a tasty digestive aid.
  • The orange juice will help to keep your bowels moving.
  • Cranberry sauce is a tasty snack. It works well because it has natural sugars and doesn’t produce blood sugar spikes
  • Cranberry sauce travels well for outdoor workers and activities.
  • This is a quick and non-messy recipe.

Sweeten or tone-down the natural tartness of cranberries with an orange or orange juice. This is a good way to also get more citrus acid and, of course, even more, vitamin C into your diet.

Ingredients: One orange and one cup of raw cranberries.


Place one-half cup of frozen or fresh cranberries into a blender.

  • Cut one orange into pieces and add it to the blender.
  • If necessary, add a little–very little– water. We are not making a drink. This is indeed a spoon-food.
  • Run the Blender gently until everything is chopped into the desired sized pieces.

You only need to eat a couple of spoonfuls.

This delightful sauce can be stored in the refrigerator for at least one week.

Use a couple of spoonfuls with any meal.

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