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How to Teach Yourself to Like Sauerkraut

Learning to Like Sauerkraut is Easy and Fun

When i first tasted whiskey, it was terrible! It burned mouth and turned my face red. But after a few tries learned to like it. In fact I loved it: I had problems unlearning. Sauerkraut is delicious and has no after effects like hard liquor. The first food that touches the taste buds at mealtime is what you will learn to like. Taste this before a sweetened drink, coffee, or whatever else is tempting you.


The delicious sauerkraut.

Teach Your Taste Buds to Like the Sauerkraut

Place a small amount to sauerkraut into your mouth–sounds simple, and it is. This can be a few drops or a spoonful/forkful. If you find it repulsive–spit it out. This can be done discretely, so as not to offend anyone. Later, you can do it again. In a few days, or weeks, you may look forward to the taste. Soon it will be an enjoyable experience. This  can be done before a meal, after a meal, between meals–chose your own time for this experience.

When to Eat Sauerkraut

This delicious food–medicine–can be eaten at almost any moment of the day. If you decide you ate the wrong food, of too much of a good food–that is a nice time to give yourself some extra help. A really good, and quick intestinal boost is to drink some of the juice–saves brushing your teeth an extra time. He, he, he.

When Do I Really Need to Eat Extra Sauerkraut?

If you have bloated midsection, diarrhea, vomiting, gasses, heartburn of you just want to do something nice for yourself, is a good time to enjoy some fermented food.

Are there other Fermented Foods Besides Sauerkraut?

Kimchi, live-culture Yogurt, Fermented Vegetables, and many ferment things are worldwide health aids.

Where Do I find These Foods?

Shop carefully and read the labels. Most of the stuff you buy has been killed to enhance the shelf life. Look to your local Health Food store, of make your own. You  may be surprised to find how simple it is. You probably already have the necessities in your kitchen.

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Powerful Chili Breakfast

Jumpstart your Day with a Powerful Chili Breakfast

March Armies on a  Powerful Chili Breakfast

A Powerful Chili Breakfast With Sauerkraut, Cheese and Onions

Chili will provide nutrients for a day’s work, play or relaxation. Beans are a source of protein, carbohydrates and fiber. A wide variety of beans are available. If you don’t really like Chili Beans, use one or more of the many other kinds. Green or ripe lima beans help make an exciting meal. The lowly Navy Bean should not be forgotten–when you are hungry they taste very good.

Add Onions and Garlic for a Healthy Breakfast

Red onions or Spanish onions help to make an exciting breakfast. Leeks and garlic should not be forgotten. Onions and garlic have always been given credit for keeping away illnesses of all kinds–even flu and house colds. When raw onions (preferred) are not available, use garlic, dried onion flakes or onion-garlic salt. The onions can be cut into small pieces and placed on top–maybe even sprinkled on with cheese bits.

Chili Breakfast

Don’t forget your garlic, cheese, sauerkraut and pepper for the complete, healthy and energy-packed breakfast.

Sauerkraut is a Wonderful and Powerful Digestive Aid

Raw sauerkraut is loaded with probiotics to replace the probiotics in your gut that food preservatives have killed. You might need to go to the Health Food Store to get unprocessed raw sauerkraut that has not been killed to extend shelf life. You will pay a little more, but your digestive track and health is worth the price.

Good Hard Cheese is a Real Health Promoter

Aged cheese will also help to make a healthy body. Avoid the “American Processed Food Product” type cheeses. They are not even allowed to sold as “cheese.” You might want to avoid Blue Cheese and Limburger Cheese and other cheese that contain molds. Keep it simple and tasty.

Hot Peppers for Breakfast

Hot peppers will provide many benefits to help do a day’s work and keep an active and healthy body. Don’t neglect the ornery little devils. They will keep you marching on when other troopers fail because their energy supply is gone. I have seen many field workers who could outwork me after their lunch which included hot-hot-hot peppers.

Be a Brave Trooper and Eat Your Hot Peppers

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Germs vs Probiotics

Remove the Food Preservatives that Kill the Probiotics in Your Gut

Food Preservatives Kill the Probiotics that Digest our Food

Germs vs Probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria that are necessary for good digestion.

Remove the Food Preservatives that Kill the Probiotics in Your Gut

  • Did you know that food preservatives are needed to help get fresh produce from around the world to our table? However, these can cause us digestive problems–like diarrhea.
  • It can also cause diarrhea and other food sensitivities in some people.
  • Sulfur dioxide is one antibacterial agent that is added to our produce to retard spoilage by killing the flora and “fungus-es.” (little humor there)
  • Food preservatives kill the probiotics,” the good bacteria”, and the bad bacteria, in our intestines. They also harm our immune system and make us more likely to get sick.
  • When we eat, what we think is a healthy salad, it might not be so healthy to our intestines.

Washing our produce can remove most of the food preservatives

  • We can remove most of the food preservatives from fresh produce by washing with plain water; others can be, neutralized, with a solution of 1/5 vinegar and water.
  • Probiotics—are the friendly little guys who digest my food. We have about 16 trillion of these in the average gut.

Protect  your body by adding some probiotics to each meal

We need to add probiotics to each meal to replace those killed by the preservatives in our food. Probiotics can be found in most cheeses, raw sauerkraut, kimchi, live culture yogurt and raw vegetables which are killed by cooking.

Sauerkraut is Easy to Make–Right in Your Kitchen

Remember folks, a little bit of attention to our food will pay big dividends to you health and happiness as we march on into our future.

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