Cabbage will help you to stay healthy

The Old Goat’s Sautéed Cabbage

The Old Goat’s Sautéed Cabbage


I decided years ago that I wanted to stay healthy and avoid vitamin pills and supplements and I wanted to keep the doctors away.


Cabbage for health and happiness. cabbage cut cabbage  ready cabbage done

The cabbage family came to my rescue.


  • The cabbage family became my favorite medicine.
  • The cabbage family includes spinach, broccoli, savoy, cauliflower and a host of different colored cabbages.
  • These delicious foods can be steamed, sautéed, fried, fermented into sauerkraut or roasted.
  • They can just be apprehended and eaten raw.


If you don’t want to take a multi-vitamin, eat cabbage.


Cabbage will help you to stay healthy


  • Cabbage will help lower blood cholesterol
  • Cabbage is a source of many essential nutriments.
  • Cabbage is loaded with iron and will help build red blood cells.
  • Cabbage is loaded with iron and will help build red blood cells.
  • Steamed cabbage, especially, helps with bowel movement.
  • Cabbage can help prevent cancer.
  • Cabbage can help heal ulcers.
  • Cabbage can help heal stomach and intestinal damage.
  • Cabbage should be a part of any diet.


Cabbage is a source of many essential nutriments.


Take about two pounds of cabbage.

That is one small head; quarter it and remove most of the core.

  1. Now slice it into nice slices about ¼ inch thick, recut these crosswise and they are ready for cooking.
  2. Now get a nice skillet of pan with a good fitting lid. Put in an ounce of olive oil or coconut oil. The quality of the oil is important to good taste.
  3. Heat the pan and oil. Never overheat. If you see smoke, get rid of that oil as it has been ruined.
  4. Place the cabbage in and stir it around for a long moment. This is to make sure it is not burning.
  5. Add a table spoon or two of caraway seeds and some black pepper. Now is a fine time to add your favorite seasoning—whatever that might be.
  6. Put in a little hot water, about one half cup or less.

Place the lid on and when it starts steaming turn the fire down to simmer.

Now is the time to decide how well done it should be.

If you like your food well done, give it about 15 minutes. Five to ten minutes might be right.


This food will keep for a week or two in the refrigerator. One thing that I learned from our friends at the U.S. health department is to protect food from the little things that come wafting through the air (molds and germs.) Don’t put it uncovered to cool. The little guys will find a home and it will mold too soon.

Cabbages are Kings

The ancient Chinee marched armies.

Genghis khan and his gang raided and plundered.

The Germans and Slavic Nations did too.

If you would march yourself to happiness,

Eat the cabbage … and grant no quarter,

To fools who,

Eat the lessor stuff.


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