Transition From Mother’s Milk To Basic Foods


Transition from Mother’s Milk to Basic Food

Gerald L. Kyle




Mother’s milk is sweet to the taste

And formula is too

Then onward to flavored and sweetened liquids

And infant foods and then solids too


The child needs to learn about non-sweetened foods

These are essential for healthy growth

The trick is to get the child to eat these foods

And learn to like them


One way is to get the little person good and hungry

Hungry enough to eat what is available

Hungry enough to eat and not complain

In today’s world that would be inhumane


Too often we begin a meal with a sweetened beverage

Or toast with jelly, or other sweet food

Then the main course must be sweetened too

And flavored or it is deemed inedible


The food chemist have learned to create delicious food

The texture is delightful and the color is sublime

With hundreds of flavorings, seasonings and spices

We have a difficult task knowing when to stop eating


The food industry fights for market share

Blind taste testing is the way to go

What is sweetest and most flavorful is what sells

And it smells so heavenly


Sliders slide down the throat with two bites

And we are delighted


And the mommy says “Oh honey, try it, we saw it on TV.”

And the little child says, “Oh it is so sweet and delicious.”


If it is sweet, looks good, smells fine and has pleasant odors it will sell

The child does the taste test



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