Jo’s Old-Fashioned Cranberry Sauce

Ready to eat

Rate My ArticleJo’s Old-Fashioned Cranberry Sauce Put these wonderful cranberries into your daily or weekly diet. Among the benefits of – Read More

Cranberries are a Healthy Medicine

Eat cranberries for health

 Cranberries are a Healthy Medicine Cranberries are a Powerhouse of medicine and food value  The Indians called cranberries “Bitter Fruit.”–they – Read More

Jo’s “Rock-stompen” Coleslaw

• Good coleslaw has natural probiotics

 Jo’s “Rock-stompen” Coleslaw Coleslaw can be a powerful dish. Coleslaw is a natural health food–one of the best available. Coleslaw – Read More

Raisins are a Wonderfully Healthy Snack

Raisins are a Wonderfully Health Snack

 Raisins are a Wonderfully Healthy Snack Don’t discount those wonderful raisins as a valuable snack food. Raisins are a powerful – Read More

Watermelon is a Wonderful Health Food

Eat watermelon for health

 Watermelon is a Wonderful Health Food We need more watermelon in our diet. For the hot days of summer watermelon – Read More

Green Beans are a Powerhouse of Food.

Build Flat Abdominals

Green beans are grown in the rich soil of the North East, South East and Midwestern United States. This soil is important to obtaining the proper nutrients.
Green beans are an important food that helps build strong bones.

Baked Carrots for Health and Fun


Baked Carrots for Health and Fun. Carrots are the darling of most health coaches today. They are an ancient food that has helped keep civilizations alive during hard times.

Eat Butternut Squash as a Healthy snack

squash 002

The hard fighting Indian, Geronimo, ate squash.
School teachers, cops, office workers, bus drivers and construction workers need a quick pick-me-up between meals.